About Matysson

From our field to your home

Matysson is a Quebec company founded by farming enthusiast Pierre-Jacques Proulx. A full-time and visionary oat and sunflower grower for over 15 years, Mr. Proulx took his vision of agriculture a step further by creating products for domestic cats. Matysson is committed to offering you seeds that germinate easily at home. This quality seed is grown in Quebec and has a 100% germination rate.

What is cat grass?

Also called fresh catnip, cat grass is a source of natural fibre that aids digestion and helps prevent hairballs from forming. Since not all cats have outdoor access to fresh grass, you can grow some for your beloved pet.


If your cat doesn’t seem interested in fresh cat grass, you can simply cut some blades of grass and mix them into your cat’s food. This will help your cat acquire a taste for green vegetables!

Note that, unlike dried catnip, fresh cat grass does not have a euphoric effect.